There are two options for submitting team rosters.

Option 1: (preferred) Enter your team on a fill-in web form and click "submit."

>>>> Use ILWrestle Entry Form

Option 2: Enter your team on an Excel spreadsheet and email it.

Note: This is NOT a fill-in form that you simply click a "submit" button to send your entries. To use this form, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Click HERE to access the entry form file.

  2. Choose to "Download the File" (upper right corner of your window, down arrow" and save the file to your computer's desktop. If you just open it up in Google Sheets and edit it, I won't see it.

  3. Open the file with Microsoft Excel.

  4. Enter your team roster.

  5. After you're done, SAVE the completed file to your desktop and CLOSE out of Excel.

  6. Attach the completed file to an email addressed to (please include your school name in the "Subject" field.)

  7. I will email me you a verification of your entries within 48 hours.


(847) 712-7628 - cell phone